• Halloween Pile of Skull Foil Balloon Party Decor
  • Halloween Pile of Skull Foil Balloon Party Decor

Halloween Pile of Skull Foil Balloon Party Decor

Item#: H594
Material: Foil
Dimensions after assembly: 110x80x80cm
MOQ: 50 sets
  • Halloween Pile of Skull Foil Balloon Party Decor
This Skull Pile Balloon is made up of six different parts.

-Sturdy base to provide stability and structure to the finished product.
-A pillar with a skull on it.
-Four hollow round balloons of different sizes, dotted with a large number of skulls and skeletal hands, creating a creepy visual spectacle.

Assembling this spine-chilling masterpiece is a breeze. Begin by inserting the pillar into the four skull circle hollow balloons, starting with the smallest and working your way up in size. Complete the installation by securing the assembly into the base.

Crafted in classic black and white hues, this Pile of Skull Balloon stands at an impressive 110x80x80cm after assembly, making it a striking focal point for any Halloween gathering. Whether displayed prominently at the entrance to welcome guests or positioned as a haunting centerpiece at your spooky soirée, this eerie ensemble is sure to leave a lasting impression.

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