• 5pcs Silver Standing Diamond Ring Foil Balloon Set
  • 5pcs Silver Standing Diamond Ring Foil Balloon Set

5pcs Silver Standing Diamond Ring Foil Balloon Set

Item#: H0099
Size: (Standing Diamond Ring) 69 x 88 cm
         (Flower Bouquet) 45 x 56 cm
         (Heart) 18 inch
Package Contents: 1pcs Standing Diamond Ring Balloon, 1pcs Flower Bouquet Balloon, 3pcs Heart Balloons
MOQ: 50 sets
  • 5pcs Silver Standing Diamond Ring Foil Balloon Set
Immerse yourself in romance with our 5-piece diamond ring foil balloon set, perfect for weddings, engagements, and Valentine's Day celebrations. This set contains 1 standing diamond ring balloon, 3 heart-shaped balloons, and 1 flower bouquet balloon.

Make a statement with the centerpiece of the set, the standing diamond ring balloon, adding an elegant touch to your event decor. Surrounding it are three heart-shaped balloons, symbolizing love, and a flower bouquet balloon, adding a delicate and romantic flair.

Create a stunning backdrop for your wedding, engagement party, or Valentine's Day soirée with our diamond ring foil balloon set. Whether used as a focal point or scattered throughout the venue, these balloons will elevate the atmosphere and enchant your guests.

Surprise your loved one with this delightful balloon set, or use it to decorate your event space and create lasting memories. Order now and make your next celebration truly unforgettable!

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