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Everything You Need To Know About Balloon

By Camila September 20th, 2023 79 views
Everything You Need To Know About Balloon

Here comes some balloon tips! When discussing balloons, do you think of latex balloons or foil balloons first? Many people don’t know much about balloons. Both types of balloons are commonly utilized at parties, but are you aware of the distinction?

Balloon Type

Latex Balloons

Latex balloons are made from latex rubber and are biodegradable, which means they are environmentally friendly.


Color of Latex Balloons

Latex balloons come in a variety of colors. In terms of color, they can be divided into five types. Standard colors, pearl colors, matte colors, translucent colors and metallic colors.


Size of Latex Balloons

Besides the colors, latex balloons also come in a variety of sizes that users can choose from based on the party situation.  It is available in 5 inches, 10 inches, 12 inches, 18 inches, and 36 inches.


Your top choice for DIY balloon decorations such as balloon chains, balloon columns, balloon bouquets, balloon backdrops and more.

Foil Balloons

Foil balloons are also popular party decorations. The uniqueness of the material allows balloons to be made in a variety of sizes and shapes, including character shapes, animal shapes, cartoon shapes, and so on.



PET Foil vs PA Foil

Besides the common foil balloons made of mylar, a polyester film made from stretched polyethylene terephthalate (PET), there are also foil balloons made of nylon (PA). How are they different?

  • PA material has better toughness than PET and is thicker. This makes it stronger than PET foil balloons. So if you want a balloon that is not easy to pop or a balloon for outdoor use, foil balloons made of PA are the first choice.

  • If you need to fill it with helium, it is better to choose a foil balloon made of PET. The surface density of PET material is higher than that of helium, which prevents helium from penetrating from the surface and keeps helium in the balloon longer. The surface density of PA material is lower than that of helium. Helium can easily penetrate from the surface and the balloon will gradually deflate.

Latex Balloon vs Foil Balloon

  • One of the most significant differences between foil and latex balloons is their ability to last. Foil balloons do not have as many holes as latex balloons and therefore retain the helium/air longer and can be used anywhere from about 3-5 days to a week or more , depending on the size and placement of the balloon. And foil balloons are less likely to burst than latex balloons. Even so, foil balloons must be handled properly once received. Changes in temperature will trigger the gas inside the balloons to broaden or contract. They must be placed in a room temperature environment to remain inflated and in good condition for as long as possible. Mylar balloons tend to loosen their shape slightly if it's cold outside, then inflate again when you bring them back inside.

  • Foil balloons can be reused without damage. However, Latex balloons can't be reused because they begin to deteriorate as soon as they're first inflated.

  • Foil balloons are typically pricier than latex ones, so if you need many balloons on a tight budget, latex balloons will be a better choice for you.

  • Latex balloons are fully biodegradable and recyclable, while foil balloons are not. Therefore, if you are environmentally conscious or your city regulates foil balloons, latex balloons may be a better choice.


Selecting Balloons

Now you've learned about the types of balloons, their differences, and their pros and cons. So, how to choose balloon? Before purchasing items for your party, think about the following questions, which will help you know how to choose the right items:

  • The duration of events. If you're hosting a large event that requires weeks of preparation, it's best to invest in foil balloons to ensure they stay inflated throughout the event. Compared to foil balloons, latex balloons have a shorter service life. Over time, the air will slowly escape from the surface, causing the latex balloon to fall.

  • Latex balloons are generally cheaper. They are great to purchase if you need many balloons for your event. Compared to latex balloons, foil balloons are not a viable option for decorating an entire party venue due to their higher cost. You can also use foil balloons scattered sparsely around the venue under a large number of latex balloon decorations. The combination of the two can also create a perfect party.

  • Do you need for specific shaped balloons?

  • For outdoor or indoor decoration. Outdoor decorations present more challenges, so choosing high-quality balloons is necessary.

Both types of balloons have their advantages and limitations, and your decision will depend on the specific needs of your event.


Find the perfect party balloons

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